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September has been a fairly big month for Android announcements, with a number of phone and tablet makers taking the stage to announce new products. From the unveiling of a new line of Kindle Fires to Google and Motorola’s Droids, in this article we’ll take a look at some of the new gear.

I am a huge Google fan and a huge fan of Android OS. While I admit that the iPhone changed the smartphone market (how could I not), I still think that iOS leaves a lot to be desired, and that Android is a far superior mobile OS for many reasons.

However, a lot of people have trouble seeing that because of what the tech world now calls fragmentation – the fact that Android is on so many different devices. This has proven to be a challenge for Google because you may get a subpar device running Android, which reflects poorly on the OS. It’s for this reason (mainly) that I’m excited about the recent deal for Google to purchase Motorola’s mobile arm, Motorola Mobility.