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Last week we gave you some advice on how to keep your data, email, contacts and calendar perfectly synced between your Android phone or tablet and an iOS device. Although these are essential elements to synchronize between your devices, replicating media from your iPad or iPhone to your Android device — and vice-versa — can also prove very useful.

Indeed, whether you run out of battery, lose your phone or prefer to use a larger screen, you shouldn’t have to worry about manually transferring your content to every single device you have. To make this chore seamless and transparent for you, we’ve selected a handful of apps and tools that will automate the process.

(more…) has been around for a while and it really is an extraordinary way to share information with other smartphone users (Android and iPhone). Seriously, just as the name implies, all you have to do is bump phones with another user and – presto! – you’re sharing contact info, photos, and app suggestions.


This article was originally posted in November 2011. This week, Instagram was finally released on Android; some people love it, but others are unimpressed. We’ll have a full review for you soon, but in the meantime, if you were underwhelmed, you might like to check out the alternatives…

Photo-sharing is a booming market on mobile platforms, with all manner of services popping up almost on a weekly basis. Many such apps, especially on Android, are perhaps the ripples from the splash created by the iPhone photo-sharing titan Instagram. The good news is that Instagram plan an Android release in the future. However, until we see what they have to offer us Android users, there is still a huge interest in sharing pictures effectively.

This round-up aims to present an overview of arguably the best photo-sharing platforms available on Android. Now, this includes apps that focus most heavily on pictures, rather than the far larger social networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter which serve a wider purpose. These apps are more dedicated to sharing pictures, and make it as easy as possible to do so from your mobile phone. This round-up also doesn’t include purely photo-editing apps; apps like Pixlr-o-matic and BeFunky are very cool, but there is less focus on sharing and do not provide the same kind of platform to share pictures on.

Here you’ll see some big names, some new names, and some names you might not have heard of… until now. Read on for some truly excellent photo-sharing apps you’ll want to check out! (more…)

Snapr is a cool mobile photo-sharing platform. Recently included in our recent round up of the best photo-sharing apps on the Android Market, Snapr deserves a closer look.

The app lets you take and share pictures both on the Snapr platform and via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare, so it has a really strong social element to it. It’s easy to use, features a superb user interface and is completely free to download. Read on for more information about this exciting and intuitive photography app…

The advent of social media has given rise to many (many!) photo sharing applications: Facebook, Twitpic, Flickr, and Picasa just to name a few. While there are merits to all of these applications, sharing via a smart phone is still pretty cumbersome, especially if you don’t want to post it to a social media site. There are applications like Live Profile, that will help you send photos, or trusty MMS, but there isn’t a great way to share photos as a group of people. This is where CliqueIt comes in.


These days, if you stumble and fall in the mobile app universe, you are sure to land either on a task management or an image sharing app. That isn’t a bad thing entirely, as we get the chance to be very picky. Since a lot of image capturing and sharing happens from mobile phones, it’s a comfort to have such a choice of photo sharing apps at our disposal.

Instead of having tens of mindless photo sharing apps, a couple of apps that focus on certain niche would be immensely helpful. Fancy for Android helps users to show off the things they have/love and to window shop for things they admire. Are you as curious as I am to check out this app?

Thanks to the advent of digital cameras, the experience of shooting and sharing photos has become so effortless and inexpensive. Mobile phone cameras make the entire process of capturing important life moments further more convenient. However, at the end of the day we end up with a whole bunch of images and sharing them all becomes a painful task.

Email attachments are way too clumsy. Facebook and Twitter are way too open. The solution lies somewhere in the middle. That’s where LiveShare comes in. LiveShare makes it quick and easy for groups to share photos live either privately or publicly. Ready to take it for a spin?


Sharing photos from your mobile is becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s holiday snaps, embarrassing pictures from a night out, or just random shots, everyone seems to be snapping away and uploading it to their favorite social networking site.

Facebook’s growth has been practically exponential since its conception, and over three billion photos are uploaded to it every month. Some storage figures Facebook released claimed that they have over 1.5 petabytes (that’s 1500 terabytes, or 1.5 million gigabytes) of photo storage… and that was back in October 2008.

Minus is a new alternative for photo sharing on Android, to sit with Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. With Minus you can also share documents, videos and files. You can sign up for an account free via the Minus website and then just sign in to start sharing.

The question is: will this contend with Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr? It’s impossible to review Minus solely as an application as the service itself really needs some explaining as well, so read on for my thoughts about both. (more…)