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Atmospheric games have made a big comeback since award-winning Xbox puzzle-platformer Limbo dropped in 2010 to huge success. That’s a good thing, I might add, since they offer an enthralling experience when done right.

Tupsu falls flat at times, but for the most part it’s a beautiful, well orchestrated, and charming physics-based puzzle game that echoes the style of Contre Jour in a more action-y, sticky package.

Contre Jour is a challenging and original physics-based puzzle game. The game centers around a creature named Petit who has to collects lights and find its way towards a swirly exit. However, instead of moving Petit yourself, you essentially have to manipulate the surrounding environment via pulling, swiping and using various landscape gadgetry such as tendrils and pulleys.

What you have with Contre Jour is a game that will feel familiar and yet include some innovative and exciting gameplay that genuinely sets it apart. Add to this recipe incredible music and buttery smooth graphics to obtain a game that is ‘experienced’ as much as it is played. Read on for more insight into this beautifully unique game.

Cheezia: Gears of Fur is an engaging and fun platform game with some very cool physics elements thrown in. Your job is to help Manu, a mouse housed within a wall-climbing cogwheel of some kind, save some important recipes from the grip of an Evil Kiwinel bird. So, this adventure is all about food, then: cheese, mainly.

If you like dairy, and also like your games Mario-esque and dripping in cheese, this is the game you’ve been waiting for. Grab a cracker or some nachos and read on for more…