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Monsters Ate My Condo is a mesmerically bizarre, Japanese-inspired arcade puzzler from the combined mental juices of Adult Swim and PikPok. Swipe away coloured condos to the hungry mouths of curious monsters, while combining three or more of the same colour for special bonuses.

Quite unlike anything you might have ever played before and combining visual eye-candy and incredible sound with aggressively captivating gameplay, Monsters Ate My Condo might be the the most ridiculous game you’ve ever played. Read on for a proper insight into its monsterous neon soul.

Ah, the ripple of the net, muddy knees, brutal tackles, managers who only wore tracksuits, positions like ‘inside-left’ and ‘wing-half’, the League Cup was called the ‘Milk Cup’ and Match of the Day highlights were carefully recreated down the park the day after. We’re talking deep-rooted 70s and 80s British nostalgia in rolled down socks and a fistful of Panini stickers. If all this means anything to you, Flick Kick Football is like a delicious shot of yesterday’s best-bits. If however, you’re feeling suddenly alienated and scratching your head at these obscure and nonsensical British idioms, you must allow me to explain. Either way, you really should read on…