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People have wildly different opinions about torrenting. Some view it as the liberation of the creative industries and the defender of free speech, others a means for digital thievery. With faster mobile internet speed and the constant availability of WiFi, torrenting is becoming rapidly more popular on mobile devices. Some of the main torrent sites and desktop apps have brought out their own Android apps to cater to this market, and we also saw many third party offerings such as tTorrent.

Unfortunately, most apps are amateurish, rife with bugs and have many annoying features. That’s where BitTorrent comes in. The company is now going engaging directly with artists to promote their material, and have just released a series of new apps for Android. Their new storage abilities are even rumoured to be a “Dropbox killer” now. Let’s see if they hold that claim.


I won’t write some sort of crude pirate analogy as my onlookers made when I started writing. Instead, I’ll start with a rule of thumb generally accepted in the mobile app industry: Google plays catch up to Apple. That’s the consensus around the mobile industry now when referring to the two rival app marketplaces. However, the reality is that Google gave developers a lot more time to prepare apps prior to their grand launch, yet they still seem to suffer at the hands of iOS. There are several factors that may dissuade developers from joining the Android Marketplace, with one of them being pirating.

One of Android’s major selling points is that it’s entirely open source and not a closed ecosystem like it’s Cupertino (or Canadian) rivals. However, this introduces the ability to plunder apps. As pirates learn the system, they also learn how to pirate and of the ability to install these apps without the need to manipulate the phone, like jailbreaking an iPhone.