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It’s Holidays Week here at Android.Appstorm! We will dedicate our time this week to bring you the best apps for the year-end festivities. From gift shopping to games, cooking and hosting, managing your to-dos, decorating your phone, it will all be about spreading the cheer and reducing the stress of the Holidays season.

Now that we are past Thanksgiving and Black Friday here in the States, it’s time to start really thinking about my favorite time of the year: Christmas and the Holiday season. No matter what you celebrate, there is probably a ton of planning that needs to be done as people get together with family, exchange gifts, travel, and more from now until the new year. In this how-to, I’m going to give you some tips and apps you can use to stay sane and manage it all.


Planning a holiday can be a momentous job. For the trip to be a success, everything needs to be planned and all the costs have to be accounted for. And if anything is forgotten, disaster and disappointment could rear their ugly head. Another big problem is overpricing – many people try to avoid paying too much for anything while planning their trips. Enter Kayak which aims to solve these problems.

Transferred over from the highly successful website, Kayak is now available on Android in both tablet and phone form. This thorough and well-made application is, in my opinion, one of the best holiday planners around.