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I’m relatively new to the joy of podcast listening. Although I’ve been invited to speak on some podcasts before, I never bothered to subscribe or listen to any as I’ve always preferred getting my news through reading. But preferences change and about three months ago, I noticed that I do at least ten hours of driving per week and that time is getting lost on radio shows with countless ads or on music I’m bored of hearing. Those ten hours had to be invested more efficiently and so I found myself tempted by podcasts.

Fast forward three months and I’m addicted to my podcast subscriptions. I’ve gotten used to the voice, the character and the style of every person I listen to, and I now prefer getting most of my news this way. It’s more personal than reading, more raw, and more engaging and interesting.

All of my podcast needs are catered by Pocket Casts — which we reviewed a while ago, before it got its major redesign — and I’ll show you in this post how I make the most of its features to stay on top of my 28 podcast subscriptions.


I started listening to podcasts back in high school, when I used to use iTunes to sync music with my iPod Classic — I discovered that the iTunes Store had a boatload of great episodic content that I could grab for free, so that I could listen to more than just music when I was commuting or relaxing outdoors. Does anyone else remember Ask a Ninja? Either way, podcasts are a wonderful way to catch up with the news, dig deeper into your interests, discover new music and keep up with your favorite sites, aurally.

I’ve been getting back to podcasts over the past few months to stay abreast of what’s going on in the world of technology, gaming and digital culture, and I recently stumbled upon a new app to help me do just that — Player FM. Originally launched as a web app by ex-Googler Michael Mahemoff, the service includes a live directory of great podcasts from the around the web for you to discover and listen to. Player FM recently came up with a companion Android app to help you find, curate and enjoy your personalized content on the go. Let’s see how it works.


Pocket Casts is a stunningly designed podcasting app available on both Android and iOS. There are quite a number of great podcasting apps out there, as explored in our recent article Forget Google Listen: 10 Great Podcasting Apps. Of these, however, I found that Pocket Casts shone brightly as an app that’s not only stuffed full with functionality, but also the most handsome of the bunch.

With these impressive looks and rippling functionality in mind, let’s take a closer look at one of the best podcasting apps available.


It’s a competitive, dog-eat-dog world out there and, with Google products, very much about survival of the fittest. The search giant has often been quick to put a failing service out to pasture, even ones they put a great deal of effort into promoting; Google Buzz and Google Wave are both recent examples. In a recent cull, the Google Listen app has now cast its very last pod.

While its demise doesn’t quite warrant the need for a support helpline to get users over their loss, here at Android.AppStorm we thought we might step in to help, kind of like a friendly shoulder to cry on. This article is for you, dear Google Listen user. We would like to attempt to open your eyes and reassure you that there are more fish in the sea… and this round up of podcasting apps are those very fish.