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I really like Google Chrome, but I often wish it had a few more features. I don’t like the way it handles javascript, and when it comes to mobile browsing, it’s just less efficient for me than Safari on iOS. There’s no doubt that as a whole package, Chrome can’t be beat — it’s just lacking for me in small details. I figured it was time for a change.

With that in mind, I decided to give Mercury Browser a shot. Its focus on design and flexibility is refreshing for me, and I love some of the features it brings to the table. Within minutes of use, I made it my default Android browser on my Nexus 4. Read on to find out if Mercury Browser is right for you.


With Marco Arment’s recent announcement of his sale of a majority stake in Instapaper to Betaworks, his work on the app is worth returning to with an eye towards where it is now and where it will be in the future.

For a long time, Instapaper was crippled on the Android platform in comparison to its iOS counterpart. As a matter of fact, we took a look at the app’s many problems in July 2012, and found that its biggest struggle was for feature parity. However, Android developer Mobelux has recently caught up to the iOS feature list, but does that make the app worth getting or is it still inferior compared to contenders like Pocket and Readability?


Instapaper, the bookmarking app for iOS devices, launched an Android version a few months back. With similar read-it-later apps in the Play Store, this app seemed to be a worthy competitor… or so I assumed.

The actual experience, unfortunately, is not what I expected from a best-selling, highly reviewed, paid app. Here are three reasons why Instapaper for Android is not that great – at least not right now.


Whether it be for reviewing purposes or just for personal usage I end up installing plenty of apps during any given week. After getting a new phone recently, which features Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, app design has become a really important factor. I’ve been especially looking into apps that follow some of the ICS design principals and use the ‘Holo’ thematic as inspiration. What I’ve tended to notice is that, using apps like this feel far more ‘native’ within ICS itself and make for a really nice user experience. As recently as yesterday someone sent me an awesome link to a site called ‘Holo Everywhere‘, which blogs solely about about apps designed in this way.

I’m now trying to see if these apps are good enough to replace some of more commonly used applications, to make as much of my Android experience as Ice Cream Sandwich flavoured as possible. I might even have to report back with my findings! You’ll see a couple of examples within this list of ‘apps that have made my week’, most notably Pocket (formerly ReadItLater) which has now been given a big overhaul and ‘Ice Cream Sandwiched’ in terms of design. AppAware too is not only a great little discovery tool, it’s also clearly inspired by ICS. For these and a few other apps that have really caught my attention this week, read on for more. (more…)

Read It Later is one our favourite content-saving tools, and this week it received a complete overhaul bringing a new name, UI, feature set and price tag (it’s now free!) to the table. But has its rebirth set it ahead of its competitors?

There was a time when the market for ‘read it later’ apps was scarce, but now there’s plenty of competition, with clients such as Readability and Papermill providing similar services. The main reason for its saturation was the speed at which the demand for this type of service took off – some of you are probably reading this article through a ‘read it later’ client now!