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Since the demise of Google Reader, RSS has seriously entered the spotlight. Some Reader clients have died away, whilst others have been upgraded, improved and have become immensely popular as a result. An app that has made it into the latter camp is Press, the first, and only, product of two-man development team, TwentyFiveSquares.

To accompany our review of the latest version of Press, I recently managed to quiz Jordan Beck, one of the co-founders of TwentyFiveSquares, on Press, RSS and future plans….


I’m really addicted to RSS. I don’t know how to explain it without sounding like the biggest loser of all time, but the only real way to say it is to tell you that Google Reader’s death was almost a traumatic experience for me. I made the switch over to Feed Wrangler, a paid subscription service with a couple of unique ideas of its own, because I felt a paid service offered more long-term stability and I wouldn’t have to stress out ever again — although, admittedly, I consider trying out Feedbin on occasion to see what that’s like.

But even the best subscription service in the world fails if it doesn’t have an amazing app to go with it, especially since that’s what I was used to with Google Reader. Feed Wrangler got a lot of great support from developers straight out of the gate, including Press on Android. I think Press is one of the most sublime experiences you’ll find in Google Play, and it’s worth every penny. If you don’t have it yet, you need to read the rest of this review.