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When you want to print a photo or other files that you have stored on your Android, how do you go about it? You could email a copy of the file to yourself and then print it out from your computer, but this seems like an unnecessarily lengthy process. You can connect your phone to your computer but… argh! Where has the USB cable gone?

If you’re yet to discover Cloud Print, this is an app that could be the answer to your printing problems. It enables you to print images and other documents from your phone or tablet without the need to connect to your computer. Read on to find out how it could help you.


I recently wrote a glowing review of Zinio, an app that allows you to buy, subscribe to, and read magazines. I think that the fine folks at Zinio did a really, really great job on the app, but I’m not quite sold on the notion of digital magazines.

While I’m fully behind e-books (my Kindle is awesome), don’t buy CDs any more, and pick up DVD/Blu-Ray discs sparingly, there is something different about owning an actual magazine.


One great things about tablets is that they can simulate other handheld media: books, newspapers, and magazines for instance. And while every newspaper under the sun has an app for the leading tablets, and you can read books via the Kindle, Google Books, or iBooks app, I never really came across a magazine app that made reading magazines a tablet experience – that is, until Zinio.

Sure, you can view PDFs on your tablet, but they don’t harness the power of the interactive device you’re using. Zinio, on the other hand, harnesses it well.