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Did you ever wonder what you’d get if you crossed penguins with Qix, casual gaming, and a touch screen? Yeah, pretty left-field, huh? But that’s exactly what Hyperkani made with Slice Ice, a popular game about slicing ice into different shapes to provide the penguin king with cold refreshments. It’s fun, wacky, sometimes frustrating, and even with several niggling problems, it’s hard to say no to those adorable penguins.


Abstract line-drawing game Qix stormed the arcades in the early 1980s, winning players over to its frenetic action and unpredictable enemies. It was ported, cloned, and adapted dozens of times for nearly every platform during the years that followed, most famously in 1992 Windows game JezzBall, which had you trapping balls by building horizontal or vertical walls with the mouse.

I’ve played just about every Qix or JezzBall-style game that’s graced the Android platform, and put together this list of the best. With these 12 ports and adaptations you’ll be Qix-ing back for days.