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Most cooking apps for Android are rather straightforward, as cooking involves less time spent using the app and more time doing the actual task at hand. That’s pretty understandable, and as an occassional food maker, I have been content with whatever cooking app I had installed at the moment — until I came across The Baker App. This app not only got my attention, it also motivated me to venture into the exciting world of baking. It’s not every day that I get unusually excited about a cooking app, but The Baker App is obviously an exception.


For some, cooking is a necessity. For others, it’s an enjoyable pastime. Discovering new recipes then putting them together in your kitchen is a hobby partaken by many and, with the rise of tablets, it’s become a much more interactive experience than ever before.

Taking your tablet into the kitchen with you might seem like an unattractive prospect to some, but it can unlock access to a world of recipes and support for your cooking. In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at five great cookery apps available for your Android tablet!