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Most to-do and reminder apps are all about making lists of tasks that you need to complete, and reminding you to tackle them at specified times. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t always follow a schedule, and we often find ourselves skipping or putting off tasks because we couldn’t find the time to do them when we planned to — leaving with a longer to-do list for the next day. Will we ever be able to conquer these all-powerful lists?

The developers at New Delhi, India-based Signals, believe they may be onto some sort of a solution: Instead of adapting your day to the way your time management app is set up, why not have the app adapt to your life? Their new app Shifu does this by reminding you of tasks when you have the time to complete them and are at the right location. From chores to returning calls to wishing friends on their birthday, Shifu can actually help you get stuff done regardless of your ever-changing schedule. I spoke with Prashant Singh, co-founder of Signals, to understand how Shifu works and to see if I could actually get more done with their novel take on to-dos.


I’m one of those people that easily forgets just about everything, all the time. You know what I mean: you could get a phone call from the wife as you’re leaving work heading home, and she tells you, “don’t forget to stop for milk on the way,” and it’s just in one ear and out the other. How many times do you only remember that errand as you pull in the driveway at home?

Okay, so what if there was a way to stop this kind of thing ever happening again? No, we’re not talking about a new brain. What we’re talking about here is an Android app that sets alarms according to the way your brain works. It’s called Brain Alarm – and after testing, it certainly lives up to its name.


With all the bells and whistles tucked away in your Android device, you would expect it to be just a bit more useful in your life. These are not just your every day cellphones of decades past. They have mics, speakers, WiFi, GPS, temperature sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, and probably a bunch of other stuff that I’d have to ask Google search to help me list.

Forget just being reminded about simple stuff like emails, tasks, and phone calls. Let’s take a look at a few apps that go beyond your standard reminders and help turn your Android into a backup memory store for your own brain.