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Since Need for Speed: Underground revolutionized racing games a decade ago, many copycats have come into the market. I’m a big fan of the genre and have dozens of racing games on my tablet, however, to my detriment, it’s very easy to develop and publish on Android, so many of the games that I find are barely playable and most seem to sing from the same hymn sheet — zero innovation.

But now that devices are getting more powerful and the OS can handle more complex graphics and processes, things are certainly getting interesting. Games that would have been impossible just a couple of years ago are easily developed and supported on Android. CSR Racing is such a game. Judging by its appearance, this drag racer has very little to offer. But looks can be deceiving; let’s check it out.


My obsession with Twitter had me testing every other Twitter client for Android. Upon searching, I came across TweetCaster. At that time, I thought it was the most feature-rich app I’ve seen. However, it lacked one feature I was looking for: scheduling tweets to send later.

A few months after this, TweetCaster was updated to do exactly what I wished it was able to do. The developers added a Post Later option that completely won me over and made me dump my previous Twitter app (Hootsuite). If you’re doubtful about this app, then read on to find out why I love it.


Go Locker is the newest contender in the competitive world of lockscreen replacements, but does it have the polish to succeed against such apps as WidgetLocker?

Audible has been the face of audiobooks for the past decade and has now made its way to the Android platform.  As a dedicated application, Audible brings a complete experience, which Android users have been missing, for mobile bookworms everywhere.

Audible was introduced last year, filling the void of a true audiobook manager within the stock Android music player. Compared to Android’s lifelong rival iOS, the little green robot had no answer for the iTunes integration with audiobooks. The dedicated Audible application is the robust solution mobile audio-bookworms have been waiting for.

Todo.txt Touch is a native Android app for Gina Trapani’s open source command line interface, Todo.txt — a simple tool that lets you manage a todo list based around a single plaintext file. From the website:

Typing commands on your mobile phone isn’t easy or fun, and neither is syncing files from your phone back to your computer. Currently coupled with Dropbox, Todo.txt Touch helps you manage your todo.txt on the go and automatically syncs the file to all your devices.

In this review, we’ll take a look at Todo.txt Touch and what it has to offer.