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It’s been three months now since Google and ASUS teamed up to produce the Nexus 7, a brilliant device for its surprisingly low price tag. I’ve had mine since release day and I haven’t put the tablet down. Taking it to work, school and constantly using it around the house, the Nexus 7 is a firm companion of mine.

However, with any new device the first wave of orders isn’t going to be perfect. We’ve had problems with the screen creaking, problems with dead pixels and a variety of other things. Unfortunately, this can’t be fixed in an update, but a few other glitches and annoyances could. Android 4.1.2 was recently released for the Nexus 7, and this being the first system update since release, everyone was a bit excited.


Many of us feel the need to increase our space to work and play when using our computers. One way people do this is by buying a second monitor – but if you’ve already got a tablet, it might seem a little wasteful to buy yet another screen. This is where the Avatron Air Display comes into play.

Air Display is an app that allows you to use your Android device as a wireless second screen. It’s an easy and quick way to gain more space using your existing device. From the outset, this application looks brilliant. Let’s hope it lives up to its expectations…