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When Ubisoft’s massively successful franchise ‘Assassins Creed’ was released for consoles a few years ago, gamers just couldn’t get enough. The seemingly endless world made for a fantastic environment for a free-running assassin. After a few more iterations, things are slowing down on the console front, and heating up on smartphones.

The developer has just released the much-anticipated Assassins Creed Pirates’ for Android and iOS prompting mixed reviews on the Play Store. Ubisoft say that players will “break the rules” to “challenge empires and build a fortune”; an ambitious claim for a game restricted to smartphones. Let’s see if the newest Assassins Creed will live up to its huge expectations.


A year or two ago I was of the opinion that games for Android would never be more than a bad PSP emulation attempt. I didn’t believe touchscreen phones and tablets could ever allow a gaming experience beyond fun and quirky titles such as Angry Birds or Temple Run – only something to kill time on the bus. I was, rather obviously, wrong.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, which is developed by Gameloft, is one of the recent titles that helped me overcome my prejudice about Android gaming. The first person shooter’s (FPS) story takes place in the US during a fictional invasion by a combination of Asian armies. With enemy troops already patrolling major cities such as Chicago and LA, it’s up to our small crew of tactical fighters to turn the tide.


Major Mayhem is a new action-packed arcade game from Adult Swim Games, who also developed Monsters Ate My Condo and the sublime Erasure-fest that is Robot Unicorn Attack.

Major Mayhem initially sees you running through the tropics shooting various baddies in fast-paced 3D scrolling action. The background story revolves around the good Major’s girlfriend being kidnapped so you need to help him rip through level after level of intense shooting action to get her back! Major Mayhem is a little on the brainless side, but undeniably fun and packed with Adult Swim’s trademark humour.