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Run a retail business? Got an Android device? Then listen up, because there are some great retail apps for Android that can help transform the way you do business.

In this article I’m going to take a look at Workplace Mobile, Erply, Pepperi, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, and Shopify, five of the best retail apps for Android.

Retail management apps for Android come in many forms with Point of Sale (POS) systems, employee management and inventory management tools being the most widely used. POS systems have become increasingly popular as they allow for a more accessible cash register on both tablet and mobile devices. These solutions are also incredibly cost effective and integrate easily with your existing software choices.

All of these retail apps for Android are based around SaaS retail management software. This web-based solutions normally come with a monthly subscription plan, though the apps are free to download and most services come with a trial.

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