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While I love looking up recipes and cooking for my family, I hadn’t been doing either as often as I would’ve liked to over the previous year. Now, armed with a new freelancer’s flexible work schedule, I started to hunger for a way to put my recipes in order, buy the right ingredients (and the right quantities), and get productive in the kitchen. Thankfully, I found a helping hand in the form of Pepperplate.

There are plenty of apps on the Android Market to help you with collecting recipes, buying groceries and planning your menus, but I haven’t been able to stick to using them. Pepperplate does all these things, and looks good at the same time. It’s also dead simple to use, and free. So whip out those smartphones and let’s whip up some grub!


For people who cook regularly, whether for themselves or for their families, meal planning may not be as easy as frying eggs for breakfast. Being the household’s designated chef is a huge responsibility that often gets taken for granted. While we’re out and about going through our daily routine, the “chef” is deep in thought in front of the fridge, mulling over ingredients decent enough for a good, home-cooked meal. For more unfortunate people who live alone and act as their own chef, planning meals may crop up last-minute while on the way home – or may be skipped altogether in favor of the more convenient pizza delivery.

That’s why Food Planner is a great time- and effort-saver for automated meal planning on a daily basis. It’s an app that can really help with this essential yet complicated chore.