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It’s Customization Month on Android.Appstorm! Throughout March, we plan to share with you all our tips, tricks, apps and resources to help you improve your phone or tablet experience and make them suit your style.

At the heart of your Android experience with your device is the launcher — this is the program that allows you to view and start all your apps, add widgets to your home screen and customize the way you interact with your phone or tablet. Setting it up correctly will allow you to not only access the information and tools you need quickly, but also personalize the way the OS looks and feels, to suit your taste.

You’ll want to choose a launcher based on your version of Android as well as your personal needs and preferences, and there’s a vast array of them to choose from in the Play Store — but to get started, you should probably first explore the default launcher that your device ships with — especially if you’re running Android 4.x. Today, I’m going to go over some basic ways of setting up your launcher, with tweaks that are generally available across the spectrum of different launchers to help you get familiar with the possibilities and benefits of doing so.


One of the many great things about Android, particularly when it comes to comparison with iOS, is the fact that the operating system is almost endlessly customizable. If you don’t like the launcher your phone or tablet came with, there are countless others to choose from.

However, despite a few differences here and there, the basic idea behind many launchers and homescreen organizers is essentially the same. If you have a large number of icons that you need access to, this can mean that you end up getting a thumb workout as you scroll back and forth through screens. Imgy is here to give your thumb a rest and provide you with virtually unlimited amount of homescreen space.


We all want to get the very best out of our devices! Who doesn’t love finding out a new trick or shortcut?

Over the last month every AppStorm site has published an extensive roundup of features and shortcuts aimed at helping you get the most out of your devices! Each post comprises more than 40 entries, I’m pretty confident you’ll find something you didn’t already know about…

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