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I’ll never fully comprehend why we love managing the lives and businesses of virtual characters. The Sims and Theme Hospital stick out in my mind as the two games which were always installed, ready to go on my PC as a kid. On some level, there was arguably a desire to feel ‘grown up’ — managing a household, hospital or theme park is what grown-ups do.

Pocket Academy takes the managerial approach to things and drops you in the principal’s chair of a new school. A school with no reputation, no students and very few pixels. Shall we?


Kairosoft makes games to a formula, but I never cease to be amazed at how much versatility they get out of it. Their unique spin on casual management sims has put us in charge of game developers, soccer teams, restaurants, cities, racing teams, hot springs inns, and much much more. And somehow, it works.

Dungeon Village stays true to the trend, pitting you as the almighty overlord of an RPG town. That’s right — the people who visit your town are in a role-playing game. You need to provide quests, shops and accommodation to help them out and encourage them to stay. It’s addictive, fun and boring, all at the same time.


Ever wondered what it’s like to manage a Tesco or a Walmart? Get a taste of the hustle-bustle involved in managing your own mall with the latest sim game from the creators of Game Dev Story.


For the last week, I’ve been building floors and operating an elevator for a tower that houses tiny little people. No, I haven’t taken a second job as a contractor; I’ve been playing Mobage’s cute (and addictive) game: Tiny Tower. Let me explain why, after seven days play, I’m still not bored. (more…)