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One of the most important functions of a smartphone, for me, is note-taking. I don’t want anything clunky or heavy-handed to do it with either. The app has to sync and it has to work across multiple devices. So while I like Evernote and it fulfills most of those goals for me, particularly if I want to extensively organize my notes, it’s also too cumbersome just for simple little things like lists or brainstorming.

On my iOS devices and my Mac, I’ve been using Simplenote for years. One of the worst things about my Android toys, for me, is that Simplenote wasn’t an option. There is one app called Glance Note, but it’s slow and unwieldy and therefore defeats the purpose. That’s why I was extremely excited to see Simplenote show up for Android devices this month.


It’s National Novel Writing Month once again, time to challenge yourself to write 50000 words in 30 days, no easy feat! But with your Android device by your side, you can keep working on your novel or non-fiction book anywhere and anytime. Throughout this week, we’ll share our best apps, thoughts, and tips to help you achieve that writing goal.

When you think about it, your Android is actually the perfect writing device. It’s small, portable, lightweight and fast – and when paired with Simplenote, it becomes that bit more amazing!

As a writer, I like to get in some words whenever I have free time during the day. Unfortunately, I can’t bring my laptop or tablet with me everywhere I go – but I can bring my phone. So when I began looking into ways to be keep my writing seamless between my three devices, Simplenote stood out above all others. Read on to find out how you too can have a seamless writing experience via Simplenote.