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As we approach the last week before the last week before Christmas, Google has dropped an early gift in the form a bunch of new and updated Google Play edition products ensuring this festive season is a robotic one. Let’s take a look at This Week in Android! (more…)

I just moved into my own apartment for the first time, and it’s been hectic dealing with all the additional responsibility of holding down the fort by myself. I find myself spending a lot of time in the kitchen — cooking, doing the dishes and putting things away — and I’m glad I have a tablet to keep me company. I follow recipes on YouTube and BBC’s incredible recipe guide and of course, keep tabs on friends on Twitter. Now I can chat with them all too, thanks to the recently updated imo.

Imo  – which we have reviewed earlier – lets you link your IM accounts and chat with your contacts on 11 networks, including MSN, Skype, Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, AIM/ICQ, Jabber, VKontakte, Hyves and Steam. The app has been updated to take advantage of the extra screen real estate offered by larger devices, and now not only looks great, but also throws in two new features that are worth a look.


It’s another week, and another series of updates in our beloved ecosystem. This week saw fourth quarter earnings from Google, the release of the sequel to fan-favourite Temple Run and the news that Siri was very nearly an exclusive features of Android phones running on Verizon. Let’s take a look. (more…)

Viber is a fresh, new, and easy-to-use take on VoIP calling from your Android device. It allows you to call and text anyone free and clear anywhere on the globe as long as you both have the Viber app and a data or Wi-Fi connection. With more than 40 million users on both Android and iPhone, Viber remains completely free and without advertising. While VoIP from a mobile device is not a new concept and is a crowded field to be in, Viber is still able to stand out. This is because of its design, implementation, and the fact that you just can’t beat free.


IM: instant messaging. Almost everyone on the globe is using it. Since the invention of the Internet and e-mail, people have stopped exchanging letters and started to exchange e-mails. As instant that was, we wanted something more instant. Enter instant messaging. And now, with every device connected to the Internet, people want to take their IM clients everywhere.

What do you use to stay constantly connected to your IM accounts? I’ve been using imo instant messenger for a while now and I’d like to share my thoughts about it. It’s one of the best IM clients for Android I’ve tested so far, with a clean user interface and multiprotocol support and — what I like the most — it’s free and ad-free!


Communication keeps our social life interesting; no matter whether you’re talking to an old high school friend or your boss, it’s a part of life. When you have your own family, a job, and hobbies, you must spend less time sitting at computer and chatting using Skype, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ etc. Most of these social apps do not work on your lovely smartphone so you can’t log on your profile when you have a free minute, but this is where our alternative solutions come in handy.

I’m an ardent users of all these chat clients, so I dedicated a lot of time to find the best Android app for each one of them. I will share them with you, so you can stay in touch on the go — let’s get to it!