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There are quite a few things that I want to see announced for mainstream smartphones sooner rather than later. Huge leaps have been made in what portable technology can do these last few years: it can pay for groceries and recognise faces. Am I too optimistic and hopeful with this list…?


I’ve been a fan of Android phones ever since my first contact with one a couple of years ago – and yet, at the time I didn’t even realise Android was an operating system. These days I’ve got a much deeper understanding, and am up to date on almost all of the latest news as it comes out – in fact, if something happens and I’m not aware of it almost instantly, I feel rather embarrassed.

But I was a happy smartphone user even before I was an Android geek, so I have to wonder: are smartphones only for tech geeks, or are they targeted to everyone?


Samsung have always had a strong track record when it has come to mobile phones. They have always been cutting-edge and have seemed to bend the norm when it comes to mobile phone standards. Their phones have always been admired for their design, interface and practicality – and this admiration has been reflected in their sales figures; according to Mobile Burn, Samsung shipped 280 million units in 2010 (by contrast, Apple shipped a mere 47.4 million units).

In June 2010, Samsung released one of their most famous phones, the Galaxy S, which was seen as unbeatable at the time due to its claims of being the fastest smartphone on the market. Now there’s a new beast on the prowl: the Samsung Galaxy S II. It’s been around in Europe for a couple of months now (the phone was first released in the UK and South Korea in May 2011) and the U.S. launch is due very soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is, without a shadow of doubt, the best Android smartphone out there yet and is a strong contender for the best smartphone in the world period. Its sheer range of features, unbeatable specifications and damn good looks leave other smartphones quivering in the shadows of its almightiness. You’re itching to find out why, aren’t you? Well, read on for my full, in-depth review.