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Social media marketing is an essential part of making sure your business gets its message across effectively and that customers are satisfied. Covering the many different social media outlets available though can really be daunting though but there are tons of social media marketing applications to help you keep on top of things.

Android devices make it easier than ever to market your business and respond to customer demands and requests on the move 24/7. That’s why we’ve looked at the top five social media marketing apps for Android that can automate effective social media marketing tasks.

These web-based social media marketing apps will help keep track of what, where, and how your brand is being talked about online. They’ll also ensure that you’re able to keep ahead of interactions with customers and clients to effectively market your business.

Here are five top Android social media marketing apps to make sure you’re always in control of your social media presence.


Content creators and social networks have been working in tandem as well as fighting one another for the past decade. There’s a balance between getting content out there and making money from it that few have been able to master, and the dreaded paywall is edging its way onto YouTube via channel subscriptions, much to that community’s discontent.

Pheed however is a social network that embraces the paywall. In fact, it’s where they plan to develop their only revenue stream as advertising is non-existent. Surely this would repulse users. Paying for content? Bah! Well, it’s a gamble Pheed is willing to make. They’re also pinning their hopes on mobile — with main ports of access to the service being through mobile apps.


My SMS inbox resembles a SPAM folder more so than a collection of personal correspondence. A couple of years ago, it was jam packed with conversations with friends and colleagues. Now my network provider makes up the bulk of the messages — all automated ones. I’ve been using apps like Viber and Whatsapp for free calls and messaging between my friends. They’re faster, way more media-friendly and don’t cost anything — excluding minuscule data charges.

However, in Asia and some European countries like Spain, a new app called LINE is generating as much buzz as Vine has in the US, gathering itself over 200 million users. It offers everything that Viber and Whatsapp do, only better. It also features a much more robust revenue model and is challenging social networking sites like Facebook as users scramble for privacy.


Most Nickelback fans I know are addicted to their music, but ashamed to admit it. That’s how I feel about Facebook. There’s so much I hate about it, but I’m addicted. It’s an easy way to keep up with my friends and acquaintances.

However, one of the things I hate about Facebook is the mobile app. Until recently, it felt like Facebook really missed a ton of great design possibilities. That being said, I like trying out other takes on what Facebook could be like on a mobile device. Spatio is a whole different take on Facebook: it’s Holo-themed, supports multiple accounts and offers a whole different take on your Newsfeed. Is it for you? Read on to find out. (more…)

Recently, (shortened to ADN) opened its floodgates and started handing out free accounts, via invitation only. Given that the “Twitter clone that’s not just a Twitter clone” is starting to get a lot more populated, it seemed like an apt time to look for a great ADN client on Android.

Despite its so-called “beta status” and comparably high cost of entry, Robin is a standout option and may be the best app in its class. It’s easily the best beta experience I’ve ever had with any software. It offers a list of features a mile long, native tablet support, and developers who are interested in pushing the app forward. Read on to find out what makes Robin for so special.


Social media has been a fundamental part of life on the Internet since before the rise of the tablet, therefore being one of the natural categories of apps on such devices. As no one wants to sever all their social connections just because they’ve decided to jump onto their tablet, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best social apps available for your Android tablet.


Twitter is awesome. Google+ is great for photographs and deep discussions from geeks of all kinds – and it has a fantastic Android app – but Twitter is still the king when it comes to quick bites of info, breadth vs. depth, and commentary on what’s happening right now.

Here’s a collection of Android enthusiasts that I enjoy following on Twitter. I hope you find a few new tweeps to follow, and I hope you’ll share your favourites with me, too!


Foursquare lets you view your friends’ opinions on various stores, restaurants, and other types of attractions. Its main function is to help you find new and exciting places to visit, and to discover what your friends think about them. This app takes the popular check-in feature of Facebook and brings it to a whole new level.

The most well-known feature of Foursquare is how it lets you earn points and badges for checking in and posting comments. This, in turn, can lead to discounts offered exclusively to Foursquare users. It also has the ability to determine which one of your friends are near you or doing similar things, making it a perfect tool for keeping in touch with your friends and what they are doing.


I have too many people that aren’t my friends on Facebook. Instead of a place that allows me to share my life with my closest friends and family, Facebook feels more like a restaurant where everyone that you have ever known keeps trying to sit at your table. Old friends, friends of friends, and people that I don’t even know have all been added, deleted, replaced, and ignored.

Path aims to solve this problem. Instead of allowing (or encouraging) me to have four hundred friends, Path wants me to share with the people that really, genuinely matter to me. Is this new app (and its philosophy) going to make its way onto your phone? Let’s find out.


LinkedIn has about 135 million users. When compared to Facebook’s 800 million, that may not seem like a lot – but the people on LinkedIn aren’t talking about what they had for lunch. This is an app to help you connect with real business professionals at conferences and meetings when Facebook or Twitter is too informal.

The LinkedIn Android app helps you stay in touch with your business partners and potential leads on the go. I recently attended a conference on innovation and thought the people there would be tech-saavy enough to have moved beyond the traditional business card, so I got my phone ready to do some 21st century networking.


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