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As a foodie, I was really excited by the idea of Foodspotting: take a photo of your meal whenever you’re out to dinner, and share it with the world; then, browse photos of dishes other people have tagged to see what looks good around you. There are plenty of websites and apps that aggregate reviews of restaurants’ decor, service, atmosphere, and general food quality, and mini-reviews of the menu items themselves should complement this nicely.

Unfortunately, the Android app has a few flaws that keep it from living up to its potential. Read on to find out what they are, and whether that’s a big deal.


In the last week or so, we saw the launch of Google+, alongside a truly excellent Android-only app for the service; Facebook announced their new Skype integration, allowing for video chat directly in the website; and President Obama answered a few questions that were submitted via Twitter.

It’s no surprise I’ve got social networking on the brain.

I use it a lot. I’m on Twitter and Facebook (as is Android.AppStorm), and Google+, and that alone takes a lot of my time. But I know some people use even more, like Tumblr, or SoundCloud (which we reviewed earlier today).

It’s awesome to be able to post a quick question to Twitter while on the move, or snap a photo of something in town and share it with my local friends via Facebook. At least, I think it is. How many of you agree? Vote in the poll to let us know! And if you want to connect with other Android.AppStorm readers, leave your Twitter IDs, Facebook URLs, Google Profile links — or whatever else you use — in the comments below.

There is no lack of Twitter clients in any platform. Many of the Twitter clients are cross-platform and available across major platforms. Cross-platform apps help to maintain the familiar interface and make user experience as smoother as possible. Last year, Twitter bought popular third party apps and consolidated its position in the mobile apps market by making them free.

Android got a very official client too. While the experience was bearable, it was still sub-par in comparison to the official iOS client. Twitter for Android got a major update few days ago; let’s take a look at whether the new version meets user expectations. (more…)

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