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Have you ever been in a bar, coffee shop, lift, supermarket or anywhere else that plays music and been bewildered at the currently playing track? Well, no longer. Two apps are available on the Android marketplace, with both free and paid versions, that aim to abolish that irritating moment forever.

Shazam is the popular iPhone and iPad app, which made its way onto Android, that listens to a short clip of a song and “tags” it. The tag reveals the song name, artist, album and several options such as purchasing it (from iTunes on iOS or AmazonMP3 on Android). It comes free on Android with a five song limit per month, while a paid “Encore” version is also available with extra features, including unlimited tagging.

SoundHound is a rival app which is also available on both iOS and Android. It too matches your recorded music clip from its database whether it’s a real song playing or something you’re singing yourself! They claim to be the first app in the world to recognize human-generated humming or singing for tagging purposes. (more…)