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When Google launched Keep a couple of months ago, everyone started comparing it with similar apps that have been around much longer. Although Evernote was the most talked about, there is no dearth of note-taking apps on the web or any of the popular mobile platforms. From plain text solutions to feature-packed mammoths, there is a ton of competition out there.

Having tried and endlessly switched between a whole bunch of apps over the years, I decided to give Keep a shot to check how it fared against some of the others that have come close to being a staple on my Galaxy Nexus.


The life of a student can be very chaotic at times. Luckily, there are some excellent apps that are perfect for keeping track of your daily life. While each app has its own benefit individually, they’re even more powerful when used in combination with each other to achieve seamless organization of events, assignments, notes, and anything else you would like to keep track of.

To do this, I recommend centralizing your organization around a feature-packed note-taking application. In this demonstration, I will be using Springpad.

When it comes to note taking and organizing, many services and applications have attempted to create a solution that syncs across platforms and provides an ultimate experience. From the legendary Evernote, to more graphic applications that emulate the look of a notepad or a post-it, to ones that provide a simple .txt editor that synchronizes with Dropbox like Epistle or Todo.txt Touch, the Market abounds with solutions that fit anyone’s needs. One of these services, Springpad, stood out for me thanks to its ability to do more than just notes.

Springpad’s pillar is that it uses “smart notes” divided by type, enhanced by intelligent content and followed up by alerts. This feature transforms Springpad from a simple note application into anything you want it to be: a collection of tasks and thoughts, a shopping list, a personal inventory, a product reminder database, a catalog of your favorite places or recipes… Honestly, there is no easy way to describe what Springpad is, because every person will make it their own. (more…)