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The analytics company comScore Inc keeps track of many aspects of digital technologies, such as the sales and market shares of TVs, broadband packages, tablets, and… smartphones! Here is a little before-and-after of smartphone OS market share and manufacturer popularity from May to October this year. How did Android do?

There are some interesting statistics in the world. The average Facebook user has 130 friends; the best selling movie of all time (adjusted for inflation) is Gone with the Wind; most Android users will pay between $3 and $5 for a game.

There are also numbers that change a lot more often, such as the statistic that a baby is born in the USA every eight seconds (Google’s results bring up different answers. This seems to be the most common). As we often use our devices to find information, one that can give us real time stats makes sense and can be a nice tool during conversations. That’s where World Counter comes in. (more…)

Every proud new owner of a smartphone will end up frustrated with the short battery life and memory issues. I am no exception and naturally I have scoured the Android Market for “System Utilities” to help me handle some these issues. There are some really amazing apps that can boost memory, improve battery life and improve device performance significantly, but many of these “All in One” solutions require rooted phones and some may not work in all phone models.

In this article we will explore 35 apps currently available on the Market that are very useful for monitoring your Android phone usage, tweaking, the system and taking control of how you use your device. Some of these apps will help you understand your Android phone performance and advanced features. The apps I like the most are those that show detailed infographics: graphical displays of usage statistics and system performance. Many of these apps have really helped me to fine-tune my phone’s performance.


Back in September 2010, Wired Magazine claimed, “The Web is Dead”. Yesterday, posted “proof” of this statement: stats from Flurry, an analytics company, showing that as of this month, people in the USA are spending more time each day using mobile apps than they are browsing the web.

While I feel these claims of the Web’s death have been greatly exaggerated, I was still surprised to see that app time outranked web time by about 10%. I use my Android a lot, as you can imagine, but I don’t believe I use apps for longer each day than I use my desktop and mobile browsers.

How about you? I mean, here you are, reading a web site focused on Android apps. Do you use them more than the web itself? Let us know by voting in the poll and sticking your thoughts in the comments below.

Ever wondered how much your phone knows about you? How many calls you’ve ever made or received? How many text messages, e-mails? What time of the day do you use the phone most? Or when you miss calls most often? Whom do you call most? In which locations you prefer to take pictures, or to listen to music?

Now that I’m asking these questions, it does seem logical that your phone should be able to provide all these answers, doesn’t it? Well, about time your ‘smart’phone really lived up to its name. Enter Friday, a personal analysis and statistics application for your Android phone.