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We can spend hours debating Twitter, including the different ways you can use the social network, how to leverage it for business or personal benefit, and the best Twitter clients available for Android. However, one thing remains constant no matter who you talk to: Twitter is expanding and it is getting harder and harder to manage.

However, thankfully, there is a resurgence in tools and services that help you stay on top of Twitter, whether by managing your followers and friends, finding interesting tweets you might have missed in your timeline, archiving and searching tweets, scheduling your output to avoid overwhelming your followers, and more. Below, I have picked 10 of my favorite Android apps that sit beside my Twitter client and help me stay in control of my social networking.


Back in September 2010, Wired Magazine claimed, “The Web is Dead”. Yesterday, posted “proof” of this statement: stats from Flurry, an analytics company, showing that as of this month, people in the USA are spending more time each day using mobile apps than they are browsing the web.

While I feel these claims of the Web’s death have been greatly exaggerated, I was still surprised to see that app time outranked web time by about 10%. I use my Android a lot, as you can imagine, but I don’t believe I use apps for longer each day than I use my desktop and mobile browsers.

How about you? I mean, here you are, reading a web site focused on Android apps. Do you use them more than the web itself? Let us know by voting in the poll and sticking your thoughts in the comments below.

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside your phone? Which apps are using up your RAM or CPU? I used to wonder, until I found Android Assistant, which gives me all this information and much more, even including some functions for RAM release, batch uninstallation, and battery usage stats.


Some interesting statistics and surveys about the US smartphone and tablet markets have been released in the past month. The Android operating system is still trailing behind iOS in overall userbase, but Android handsets are becoming more and more desirable compared to all other devices: Blackberry, Windows, and, yes, even iPhones.