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The chances are that if you’re reading this site then you are comfortable with using Android. If you’re the technically minded member of your family, it’s highly likely that you get called upon to help out with all manner of computer and mobile problems — I know this has long been the case with me!

Helping someone fix a problem can be a nightmarish task. When distance is an issue, you may decide to try resolving the problems with a phone call, but this can turn out to be an extremely frustrating experience for everyone involved: trying to explain how to navigate to different settings in an operating system can be almost impossible if the person on the other end of the phone is not familiar with what you’re telling them to do.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just take hold of their phone and do it for them? Well, of course it would… but sadly it’s no always possible. If you get a call from your mother looking for help, and she’s on the other side of the country, another solution is needed. For desktop operating systems there are numerous remote assistance tools available that make it possible to take control of the computer of the person you are trying to assist so you can make the necessary changes without having to explain it to them step by step. This is exactly what Zikk brings to Android: it is remote assistance for your phone and tablet.


The difference between smartphones and computers is continuously diminishing – what with dual core processors, ever more powerful cameras and the host of chips you can get in a phone these days! As our phones become more powerful, the necessity to keep a tab on the internals gets more important. How much of your CPU is being used or how much RAM the running apps are hogging defines how fast or slow your phone will work. If you have an older device, keeping an eye on the available space becomes important before installing new apps. And of course, there are a whole bunch of settings you can change or toggle to ensure your phone experience is customized to your likes and requirements.

Mini Info is designed to make all this information simple to access, either via a single screen “dashboard” in the app or through widgets you can place on your home screen. It has a lot of competition — does it do the job well?