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I’m lucky: I’ve never had a phone stolen, lost, or broken irreparably. (Well, other than gradually wearing out due to age.) But Sam Cater’s post about phone theft (and the precautions you can take against it) got me wondering how common that is.

Of course, I’ve been invited to plenty of those Facebook events named “Lost my phone, numbers please!!”, but it still seems like a problem that’s only for other people. And besides, if you’re using Android, your numbers are all stored at anyway, so there’s no need for any of us to create an event like that 😉

But maybe I’m just living in a safe little bubble, I don’t know. How about you? Have you ever had to get a new phone out of necessity alone?

If you have ever had your phone stolen then you know how crushed and distraught you feel when you realise someone else has one of your favourite gadgets — not to mention all the data stored on there.

Though it will always be an awful experience, there are a few techniques available to help keep the information thieves could gain to a minimum, as well as giving some extra hope of catching them, or finding your phone.