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A couple of months ago, I put the top four note-taking apps on Android to test in an attempt to figure out what each one was good at. If there’s one other thing I use my phone most for – barring the usual calling & texting, of course – it is to manage my todo lists. So this time around, I take the top task management apps on Android and put them through the paces to try and identify a winner.

Now I’m not new to this game, really. For years, I’ve pounced upon every app that had anything to do with task management, GTD and the likes. Having gone from using Remember The milk to Astrid to Wunderlist, back to Remember the Milk & Todoist, I keep going through the phases every time the landscape seems to change a bit. Consider this that phase, and join me as I go through each app and review it on three parameters – core features, user interface and other bells and whistles.


As someone who works with apps daily, researching, reading, testing and writing about them, I sometimes lose sight of what’s important: apps are personal, customizable, and adaptable. Your choice of apps on your device, the different settings you pick to personalize them, and how and when you use them remains a very individually-oriented experience.

Then I remember Todoist, and how I took a seemingly simple task management app and transformed it into the most efficient inventory and order system for my pharmacy. The adaptation to my needs is so complete that I forget, almost all the time, that this was a task app to begin with. Below is my story with Todoist, told as a reminder that when you take a powerful app and use your imagination a little, you can make it work any way you want it to.


Task management is one of the most saturated app categories on most mobile devices. But in this era of seamless sync and multi-device access, just being a good mobile app doesn’t cut it anymore. Fortunately, the choice in that category is not too slim either.

For more than a few years now, I’ve been a fan of Remember The Milk as my go-to app for managing tasks. After waiting patiently for some meaningful updates, a half-decent web interface and a Windows client, I decided to look for options and came across Todoist, a very old favorite. It was a fledgling app when I had looked at it a few years ago, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it all grown up into a solid contender for the best multi-platform todo app solution.

What followed was a couple months of consistent use on the web, desktop and mobile, a growing respect for how seamless the app works across platforms and a perfectly justified yearly subscription to their premium plan. With a super-snappy web interface that works seamlessly when online or offline, a fully functional Windows app and an actively in-development Android version, the app takes care of all my accessibility needs. But how does the Android app stack up against the seriously tough competition? Let’s find out.