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I love the Total War series. Ever since I got a copy of the original Medieval: Total War for my eighth birthday, I have been repeatedly captivated by the sprawling scale that the team over at The Creative Assembly have had to offer. Now, with almost every historical period covered by the time-conquering studio, and with the much-anticipated Rome II on the horizon, it is only fitting that the Assembly have decided to bring the Total War to the mobile space.

And what’s better to bring to the smartphone world than the war-forged era of feudal Japan? Initially embodied in the very first game of the series, Shogun: Total War, the home of the samurai has since seen a magnificent grand-scale sequel in the form of Shogun II. Now coming to Android in what I can only hope will be the first of many mobile titles, we have Total War Battles: Shogun. So, have the Creative Assembly served up the slice of meaty mobile strategy that we’ve been waiting for? Read on to find out.