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The popular crowd-sourced online multilingual dictionary boasts a whopping 946,000 translations between English and German, together with many thousands between other language pairs. It’s an incredible resource, with vocabulary training and a huge community, and now it has an Android app. for Android comes in two flavors: the free ad-supported version provides offline translations for 51 language combinations, with data downloaded in language packs, while the paid app adds recent searches and a quiz game.


I recently spent a long weekend in France. Now, I haven’t taken a French lesson in ten years, and my exam results were hardly a tour de force, so I thought it best to grab an app that would give me a hand vis-à-vis communicating abroad.

Jacob Schweitzer’s recent roundup of translation apps was very helpful, but the problem with most of these (as with most such apps on the Android Market) is that they’re powered by Google Translate, and so require an Internet connection in order to function. Data roaming is pretty expensive in Europe, so I wanted something I could use offline.

Travel Interpreter, which has a database of phrases that can be downloaded to the SD card over WiFi, seems to be the crème de la crème of foreign language phrasebooks — but how does it measure up when trying to use it in the real world?

Translation apps are useful when traveling and indispensable in certain situations when you need to translate something quickly and accurately. Some of these apps have nice functionality but lack flair. I’ve tried a number of them out, and most translate any word or phrase I typed, but some were limited to a certain set of languages.

Let’s look at a roundup of the top free translation apps for Android to understand what is on the market and what these apps are capable of.