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You have no doubt noticed that the longer you use your Android phone or tablet, the slower it can get. As well as a noticeable drop in performance, it’s also likely that storage space gets eaten up, apps start to hang and other problems might creep in. There are steps you can take from within Android that enable you to free up space, monitor the status of different aspects of your device and generally stay in control, but this will generally mean having to visit number of different areas of settings or making use of third party tools.

All-In-One Toolbox – or All-In-One Toolbox (17 Tools) to give the app its full title – aims to be very much what the name suggests, your one-stop-shop for all manner of maintenance and optimization tasks. The collection of tools includes a batch installer and uninstaller as well as a task management tool.


Every proud new owner of a smartphone will end up frustrated with the short battery life and memory issues. I am no exception and naturally I have scoured the Android Market for “System Utilities” to help me handle some these issues. There are some really amazing apps that can boost memory, improve battery life and improve device performance significantly, but many of these “All in One” solutions require rooted phones and some may not work in all phone models.

In this article we will explore 35 apps currently available on the Market that are very useful for monitoring your Android phone usage, tweaking, the system and taking control of how you use your device. Some of these apps will help you understand your Android phone performance and advanced features. The apps I like the most are those that show detailed infographics: graphical displays of usage statistics and system performance. Many of these apps have really helped me to fine-tune my phone’s performance.


The difference between smartphones and computers is continuously diminishing – what with dual core processors, ever more powerful cameras and the host of chips you can get in a phone these days! As our phones become more powerful, the necessity to keep a tab on the internals gets more important. How much of your CPU is being used or how much RAM the running apps are hogging defines how fast or slow your phone will work. If you have an older device, keeping an eye on the available space becomes important before installing new apps. And of course, there are a whole bunch of settings you can change or toggle to ensure your phone experience is customized to your likes and requirements.

Mini Info is designed to make all this information simple to access, either via a single screen “dashboard” in the app or through widgets you can place on your home screen. It has a lot of competition — does it do the job well?


Who’d have thought, ten years ago, that today we would be navigating our way round cities, listening to music, and catching up on last night’s TV and the latest news — all through our phones? Unfortunately all these jazzy new features have their price: your phone’s battery life. My old Nokia 3310 would keep merrily chugging along for a whole week on a single night’s charge, but my Desire HD needs charging at least once a day, and if I’m out of reach of a plug for a long time, my phone dies and I sever my link with the outside world.

Luckily, there is a (partial) solution for this: JuiceDefender. This program helps preserve and extend your Android phone’s battery life by selectively turning off certain functions, such as mobile Internet (which hogs power more than anything) and WiFi, meaning you can use your phone for much longer periods between charges.

This is certainly a welcome application for all smartphone users. Let’s take a closer look at the application and its features and see what it can do for your phone’s battery life.


For most computer users, copy & paste is as natural a process as anything else. On mobile platforms though, it hasn’t exactly been a staple. It took a couple of years for the iPhone to get the feature running and the recently released Windows Phone 7 platform is rumored to be getting it soon. Android, luckily for us users, has had copy & paste all the time, and as with every other Android function, application developers haven’t shied away from enhancing it further.