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With apps like Siri and Google Voice Actions, people are getting more and more vocal with their handsets. You could argue that the digital age has made human conversations much less personal, as we are no longer required to communicate with our friends and family vocally. Luckily, there are some fantastic apps that let us use our voice to get a little closer. Here are the five most popular ones.


When Apple announced their iPhone 4S, I (like a lot of people) was underwhelmed. I have always felt that the fact they update every year (or less) is overkill for Apple, as they only have major changes every two years.

There is one feature I am very interested in though, and that is Siri. If it works as well as the commercials make it seem, it’s truly impressive. So I, like any good Android owner, took to the Android Market to see if there were any apps out there similar to Siri. A few weeks ago Sam Cater took a look at Iris, one Siri clone. I figured I’d take a look at Jeannie. (more…)