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The Christmas spirit kicks in at different time for different people, but one surefire way to make it kick in is to “deck the halls” of your Android device, which will be a breeze to do with these apps, wallpapers and ringtones!

In this roundup, I have collected the finest HD wallpapers, apps and ringtones that the web has to offer so you can easily have your pick of the best for your Android device. All of the below wallpapers are 1080P, and so should look stunning on devices with HD displays!


I might be an oddball, but at this point in the Android game, I really don’t spend a lot of time customizing my Nexus devices. I’ve got a Nexus 4, and Android has been really usable and very friendly since 4.1 — I haven’t felt like it’s really required me to make any changes. And in all honesty, I prefer it when my phone just works like it should. Android is pretty much there.

But sometimes, I still get the temptation to just fiddle with it and see what I can do and it’s a bit of pain mostly. At this point, there are so many ways to customize your Android device that you’ll have to start Googling just to figure out a good place to start. Kitty Play solves some parts of that problem by aggregating a ton of customization resources within one app. The last time I got the itch to customize, I gave it a whirl. Read on for my thoughts.


All throughout March, our team focused on bringing you the best tutorials for personalizing your Android phone or tablet in our Customization Month. From custom ROMs to wallpapers, we took you through a ride of the best ways to personalize everything about your Android experience, gave you examples for inspiration, and showed you where to look for more sources and content.

However, since those articles are scattered across our repository of posts, and since we had published a lot of customization tutorials and round-ups before March, we decided to put them all together for you in one easy-to-navigate list. This makes it easier to bookmark, share with friends, and come back to when you want a full customization resource.


It’s Customization Month on Android.Appstorm! Throughout March, we plan to share with you all our tips, tricks, apps and resources to help you improve your phone or tablet experience and make them suit your style.

What better way to celebrate the end of Customization Month than with some of the most insane examples of Android homescreens out there? The Android customization community is one of the most passionate bunch of smartphone geeks out there and they’re working dilligently every day to outdo themselves and their colleagues to explore possibilities of what you can do with a phone, a bunch of ingenious apps and some insane bursts of creativity.

And one of the best places to see this creativity at work is MyColorScreen, a site that encourages users to share their homescreen setups and discuss them with fellow modders. Without further ado then, here’s a list of some of the most awe-inspiring homescreen setups on Android, hand-picked from MyColorScreen.


Such is the nature and manner of the modern life that no sooner does one occasion pass by, another comes calling right on its heels. The holiday season has just got over and the winter has not yet receded yet all of a sudden, there is a certain warmth in the air thanks to the expectant ushering in of St. Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and all of us are preparing to shower some of it on that special someone.

The hectic lives we live do not allow us much time to devote to love and relationships and as such, everyone wants to make sure that this designated day of love turns out to be perfect in its planning and execution. Here, at Andoid Appstorm we swear by the power of Android to provide effective solutions to every problem and St. Valentine’s Day celebrations are no different. As such, we present to you a variety of applications that take care of every aspect of celebrating the day and making it a memorable affair for you and your loved one. Thrown along are some wallpapers and ringtones to dress up your phone accordingly.


It’s Holidays Week here at Android.Appstorm! We will dedicate our time this week to bring you the best apps for the year-end festivities. From gift shopping to games, cooking and hosting, managing your to-dos, decorating your phone, it will all be about spreading the cheer and reducing the stress of the Holidays season.

Christmas is upon us and now that I have the decorations around my house organised and the tree up, there’s only one thing left to do for me, and that is to make my phone as festive as its surroundings. I have collected some of the best wallpapers, live wallpapers and ringtones for this festive season and I’m here to share them with you.


THe launch of the Nexus 7 created a storm in the mobile market – it quickly because THE 7″ tablet to get, bar none, finally staging something of a challenge to the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market. For a super-low $199, the Nexus comes with all the top-of-the-line hardware you can imagine: a quad-core processor, a gig of RAM and a brilliant HD LCD display.

Now although the Nexus 7 comes with a bunch of wallpapers already on the device, including the now famous Jelly Bean background, that’s never really enough, is it? If you are anything like me, you’re going to quickly go find some awesome images to customize your home screens with some brilliant imagery. Well, let your search begin here. Here are 50 of the best wallpaper images I could find to help you deck up your Nexus 7 and show it off at the next chance you get.


When we did our first roundup of wallpapers for Android just over a year ago, the response was pretty overwhelming. It wasn’t very surprising given how much emphasis most of us put on choosing the right wallpaper for our screens – mobile, desktop or anything in between. Since it is the most visible part of your Android home screen and is most probably what you see first every time you look at the phone or tablet, to expect to see something beautiful there is quite natural.

Here we are then, a year later and with a fresh batch of 60 more wallpaper images for your phone (or tablet or even your desktop for that matter). A lot of the images we have linked below are available in a variety of resolutions and will therefore suit your needs just fine. Given the crazy variety of screen sizes and resolutions on Android today, you will most probably need to crop the image to fit your screen. Shouldn’t be a problem though, since the OS should take care of letting you do that at the right time.


Live wallpapers are one of Android’s most unique and wonderful features. Available for anyone on Android 2.1 or above, they are one of the best ways to customise your Android experience. Today we will be going through some of the best live wallpapers for your Android device, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Where possible I have linked to the free/lite version; as always, if you love it, we encourage you to support the developers and buy the full version.

Be cautious, many of these live wallpapers can drain your battery.

For each wallpaper that had one, I’ve included the developer’s official video below the screenshots.

The wallpaper is one of the most basic customizations on any computing device, be it your computer screen or your phone. It is the one thing most of us change the moment we get our hands on a new device. — and, if you’re like me, every few days. Unfortunately, it isn’t difficult to get bored by the stock wallpaper collection, and finding good wallpapers for Android phones on the web is not the easiest of tasks. Let us take that challenge, then, and present to you a collection of 60 kick-ass wallpaper images to spice up your home screens.

Note that the wallpapers in the list below are in two different sizes, which are most common across the huge variety of Android phones out there. It is virtually impossible to have different versions of every wallpaper image to match all the devices out there. It shouldn’t matter much though, since Android will let you crop an image to fit the device resolution when you select a wallpaper.

We have divided the images into three broad categories – patterns for a minimalistic and consistent background; photographs for more vivid imagery and artwork for that subtle creative touch.

See our follow-up posts: 60 More Gorgeous Wallpapers for Your Android and Bring Your Background to Life With These 35 Live Wallpapers. If you’re looking for HD wallpapers suitable for 720p or 1080p screens, also check 50 Beautiful HD Wallpapers for Your Android Phone.