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I really like Google Chrome, but I often wish it had a few more features. I don’t like the way it handles javascript, and when it comes to mobile browsing, it’s just less efficient for me than Safari on iOS. There’s no doubt that as a whole package, Chrome can’t be beat — it’s just lacking for me in small details. I figured it was time for a change.

With that in mind, I decided to give Mercury Browser a shot. Its focus on design and flexibility is refreshing for me, and I love some of the features it brings to the table. Within minutes of use, I made it my default Android browser on my Nexus 4. Read on to find out if Mercury Browser is right for you.


There may be tens of thousands of native apps that offer awesome user interfaces and functionality, but none of them can match the experience of browsing the Internet without any restrictions. The number of browsers available for download in the Android Market is huge, with new ones launching frequently.

Each browser is unique, and pushes the limits of mobile browsing, taking it closer to the desktop counterparts. Dolphin is one of the notable browsers that is leading the mobile Internet revolution from the forefront. (more…)