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On the 18th January 2012 Wikipedia did something unprecedented. In light of the proposed SOPA legislation, the website blacked itself out for a whole day. This meant visitors to the site got only an anti-SOPA message and an explanation of why the site was therefore inaccessible. However, on the same day, while confused high-schoolers wailed at their lack of access, Wikipedia also launched an official Android application.

Although there were already a number of Wikipedia apps available on the Market, none of these are ‘official’. So what does the endorsed app bring to the table? And is it as good if not better than those already out there? And will you see regular appearances of Jimmy Wales’ face throughout this review? Read on to find out…


We’ve all seen the futuristic sci-fic films that feature cool headsets or bionic eyes that enable someone to see live information around them. Perhaps the best known examples include Terminator, Robocop and Iron Man, who each have the ability to identify and analyse the environment around them, like the Terminator’s ability to identify that one particular punk’s garments would fit him perfectly – “Your clothes… give them to me, now”.

Augmented Reality apps have been available on the Android Market for some time, and I believe they represent one of the best things about smart phones; the ability to overlay the view through your camera with useful and fun information was one of the things that initially wowed me enough to buy my first Android. Now, there are some pitfalls in trying out AR apps. Some – let me tell you – are pretty awful. I’ve weeded these out, and below are what I consider the best currently available on the Android Market.

So, read on for a round-up of great AR apps and let your Android show you what it can do! It’s like the future… only ‘now’.