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Even blogging, an intensive activity originally done in the comfort of a workstation, has gone mobile. With the rise of smart phones and tablets, it’s easy to take our digital life with us wherever we go.

In this article, you’ll learn about some useful apps to maintain your blog using a mobile device (either phone or tablet). Why do I recommend them? Well, because this article was written using only my phone – with the help of these apps.


Bloggers used to be a rare breed of people. Blogging required a little bit of creativity. Not anybody could just sign up for a blog and start writing. Blogging on the go started to become more popular when laptops became available, but until wireless connectivity became ubiquitous, bloggers only converged at Internet Caf├ęs and major events. But add netbooks and widespread Wi-Fi, and you have instantly more bloggers.

But this article is not about bloggers. No, this is an article about what came after the netbooks and Wi-Fi. If you have a WordPress blog, a smartphone, and a mobile data plan, it’s easier than ever to blog. Just download the WordPress application from the Android Market and you’re ready to go.