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Blowing up cartoony worms is more fun than it sounds. Team17’s Worms series exploded onto the PC gaming scene in 1995, adding a touch of Lemmings-esque dark humor to the formula of taking turns to shoot projectiles at an opponent across a deformable landscape.

The cute little critters wasted little time after conquering the Amiga, expanding to several other platforms and a franchise with more than a dozen entries. Now they’ve set their sights on Android with the excellent Worms 2: Armageddon. And the good news is that the series is intact and just as compelling on mobile.


Great Little War Game is well, just that. A relatively new title for Android, it blends the immersive strategic gameplay of Command & Conquer with the abject humour and silliness of Worms. It contains beautifully rich 3D graphics, superb sound, at least 30 different missions and three gameplay modes. What more could you want? If you like games slick with humour and explosions, you will want to read on!