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A couple of months ago, I put the top four note-taking apps on Android to test in an attempt to figure out what each one was good at. If there’s one other thing I use my phone most for – barring the usual calling & texting, of course – it is to manage my todo lists. So this time around, I take the top task management apps on Android and put them through the paces to try and identify a winner.

Now I’m not new to this game, really. For years, I’ve pounced upon every app that had anything to do with task management, GTD and the likes. Having gone from using Remember The milk to Astrid to Wunderlist, back to Remember the Milk & Todoist, I keep going through the phases every time the landscape seems to change a bit. Consider this that phase, and join me as I go through each app and review it on three parameters – core features, user interface and other bells and whistles.


Task-management apps are among the most popular on mobile app marketplaces. Why? Simple, because people are always looking for tools to make life easier. That’s where Wunderlist by 6Wunderkinder comes in.

Wunderlist, among the top multi-platform task-manager apps, has just received a massive update for Android users. Launched a little over five months ago, the first version of Wunderlist for Android brought the great concept of managing your task on your smartphone, but omitted the UI that iOS and Mac users grew to love.

This month’s new version fixes this; from the sign-in the the “more” shortcut, this app has been rebuilt from the ground up.