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What would a week in Android be without some sort of Samsung release? Fans of continuity won’t be disappointed this week then, with the company’s family of Galaxy Tab 3s getting a United States release date. Talking of fans, those who appreciate Imgur should also be pleased with the news that the image host has launched an Android app, bringing their service to a native mobile experience on your Android handset.

Let’s launch in and take a look around…


It’s been a very Samsung-oriented week these last seven days, with the company holding their ATIV/Galaxy event to show off the latest developments in their Windows and Android businesses. And if you were hoping this week was going to bring even more variants of the Galaxy S4, you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s jump in and take a look at This Week In Android! (more…)

Earlier today, we published our CES news round-up. Amongst the most impressive new devices, Sony’s Xperia Z and ZL marked the arrival of 1080p screens and 13MP cameras in mainstream high-end phones, whereas NVIDIA’s Project Shield heralded Android’s imminent expansion in the portable gaming consoles.

However, I have learned in the past couple of years to set low expectations for this Las Vegas-based electronics show. It seems as though most companies treat it like a stepping stone for the year to come. A few will try to make a splash with a new product, but most will take their time to perfect it for a later announcement, at Mobile World Congress or even a private event.

What did you think of CES? Did you feel charmed by Project Shield? Does the new Xperia Z lineup make you want to open your wallet immediately? How about the other announcements, did they measure up to your excitement and expectations?